Open for Business: Join The Slow Party Movement

Jun 13

Welcome to ACME Party Box Company!

We're excited to share our new products and are so happy that you've found us! If you've ever been stressed about putting together a special party, or bummed out that all you had to show for it afterward was a giant bag of trash, then you'll want to take a look at what we're doing.

We all know about The Slow Food Movement which started in Italy in 1989. Well, we're inviting you to come join what we're thinking of as the Slow Party Movement. We seek to create easy celebrations to be proud of and which reflect appreciation for and connection to friends, family and the planet. We hope that you'll let ACME Party Box Company do the hard part so you can sit back and enjoy the pleasure of your guests' company in a uniquely beautiful atmosphere. And be kind to the earth while you're doing it!

Check in often to see what ACME is up to, what we've discovered, and what we care about. We also want to hear about your ACME parties!

For more info on the Slow Food Movement, go here , and for the Slow Movement in general, go here .


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    Posted by Tamerat on May 10, 2012

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