Eco Holidays Series: Vintage

Sep 28

The holiday season is fast approaching and in addition to freaking out just a little bit, we're starting to think about all of the ways we can make typical holiday celebrations more special. So, this is the first in a little series of posts on responsible, inexpensive ways to do just that!

Like everyone else, we try to always bring gifts to our host/hostess whenever we go to a party - the old standbys are a nice bottle of wine or some flowers - often grabbed on the way to the party. Blah.

We've decided these holidays we'll embrace being more organized and environmentally sensitive when grabbing something to share, and we're loving the idea of vintage goodies. We found these old engraved lapel pins that we love, and we also search flea markets for vintage glass bottles which can hold a mini flower arrangement or home made bath salts. Making unexpected gifts of vintage kitchen utensils tied up in  a nice tea towel, even old recycled terracotta pots planted with organic seasonal herbs will save you money as well as reduce your footprint!

You can pick up tiny inexpensive gifts at flea markets, estate sales, and sometimes even garage sales. Just clean it up and add a touch to make it your own - a nice ribbon or a few special blooms - and show your appreciation for your friends in a unique and unexpected way. When we find something really special we'll grab all we can to have on hand for future gifts (like the 6 antique milk pint bottles we got at the Alameda Point Antiques Fair last month)! And friends, try and act surprised when you get a cute little fall bouquet in a vintage bottle or an antique ice cream scoop tied with a satin ribbon...

Send us some photos of your favorite responsible hostess gifts and we'll post them!

Next up: ideas for grown up party favors...


  • Bisyor khub khondani bud. Siposi frvoaon baroi andeshahoi purmazmuni Vatandustonaaton, akoi Kamol. Umedvoram, ki agar ijoza dihed, ba’ze az fikrhoi shumoro ba’dtar dar tornigoram (blog) ba Tojiki bargardonam va ba bahsi hamagon guzoram. Zimnan, bo chopi kitobi navaton tabrik meguyam. Somonai internetiaton ham boisi dastgirist. Khudo nigahbonaton! Botur Kosimi

    Posted by Mirko on May 12, 2012

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