Eco Holiday Series: Living Centerpieces

Nov 24


November? Where'd you go???

We're more than slightly startled at the disappearance of this month. Seriously, it was just like ten minutes ago that we were sewing purple alien tutus for Halloween, and now it's suddenly Thanksgiving. Wha???

The main cause of our fall stupor has been - TA DA! - the crazy fast set up and opening of our happy little new shop! As many of you fabulous folks know, we've opened our first brick and mortar at Town & Country Village in Palo Alto. We hope you'll stop by if you're in the area to do a little holiday shopping (crazy cute Hanukkah and Christmas stuff coming post haste!) or come to one of our fun seasonal workshops! And, of course, we still have all of our lovely party linens (not just for parties anymore!), and eco friendly entertaining supplies. We're cooking up some really fun new products, so check back when we let the cat out of the bag!

Speaking of eco friendly entertaining, on to the real point of this post... We ACME gals are always looking for creative ways to bring the outdoors in. During the spring and summer we love bringing in cut flowers from the garden, flowering branches from our fruit trees, and the like. But pickings are slim at this time of year and we're looking for options that help us not always turn to the less eco friendly cut flower options. So many of the gorgeous offerings at florists and even the grocery store are grown half way around the world and flown in to our local airports, leaving their gigantic sticky carbon footprint squarely planted on our conscience. So why not opt for locally grown flowers or better yet, living centerpieces during the holidays? Don't mind if we do!

This year we've focused on two quick, easy, affordable options: a simply adorned living rosemary topiary cone and mini terrarium place card holders/holiday favors. The rosemary is beautiful, fragrant, and edible - how can you go wrong?? Ours is nestled in a vintage champagne bucket and festooned with antique cotton mushrooms. It has a rustic feel which we love, but could easily be made more formal with a change of container and baubles. It's been such a hit at our shop, we'll soon be carrying them and providing custom decorations to suit the formality of your table.

Our little terrariums are super adorable and are the perfect place card holder for any holiday table. Again, they're so easy to customize! Ours are in cute jam jars, but why not a brandy snifter or glass votive holder?  Make your own, or come get some from us, and watch your guests' eyes pop out!

And in the spirit of the holiday, we genuinely want to thank all of our lovely customers and the fabulous writers in blogland who have been so supportive of our little business and embraced our philosophy so warmly. We are so excited about this holiday season and can't wait to see what the new year will bring. Your generosity of spirit means so much to us! THANK YOU!


Cathy & Lisa


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    Posted by Eva on May 12, 2012

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