Jan 17

Can we still say that? 

We hope so, especially since it keeps us mindful of our resolutions. Although we did kind of cheat this year - nothing new we're 'resolving' to do, we just want to focus on remembering to do the right thing as often as possible. Saying Happy New Year well past the greeting's expiration date reminds us that every day is a new opportunity to do right by the environment.

Our vote for most en(viron)lightened New Year's Resolution goes to Italy for their nationwide ban on plastic bags. Woot woot, Italy! Like we need another reason to love you! 

Switching to reusable bags for shopping is just about the easiest way to make a change this year. There are gazillions of choices out there - reusing the plastic or paper bags you already have, or keeping canvas or nylon bags in your purse, bike baskets, or glove compartment. Remember the bag scene from American Beauty? Do your part to keep this kind of poetry out of the lives of our children! Check out one of our favorite reusable bags, the ChicoBag from ecobags.com.


  • Hello,Happy Friday! I love the so colorful and caretive pillows from 36th Avenue’s blog. I took a look at her blog and WOW what a wonderful tutorial she has posted on how make these pillows. Thanks for sharing. I love Friday Fabulousness .Smiles, Paula

    Posted by INTRE on May 12, 2012

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