Gift Wrapping

Feb 08


We love to gift wrap (ask anyone who has received a package from us or come into our store!), and sometimes the best wrapping is the simplest. So when you are wrapping up your special Valentine's Day gifts, try a simple, crisp white box, some colorful yarn, and a fresh spring flower to adorn your package. XOXO


  • Good think you’ve got girls. This year, my holiday cards tnrued out to be 5 5 because I didn’t pay attention to the size when I ordered them. They were totally puny and lame, but I decided that if anyone made a comment about it, I would tell them that it was the new thing and that they were environmentally-friendly. Hot pink wrapping paper could be the new thing along with 5 5 holiday cards.[]

    Posted by Keerthi on May 11, 2012

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