We've got an Axel to grind!

Feb 12


In anticipation of our upcoming wedding collections (insert squeal of excitement), we've been steeping ourselves in inspirational imagery, colors, and environments - yet there's one fella we can't get out of our head! 

Axel Vervoordt is an art and antiques dealer in Antwerp who in striving to create the perfect environments for his pieces, ultimately became one of the most exceptional designers around. Possibly our favorite thing about him is that his is a family business; his wife and sons work with him to create stunning interiors that exude the comfort of family living. Our other favorite thing, and what inspired this post, is the warmth and familiarity of his color palette - both historic and fresh, etherial and grounded. His designs are filled with precious artifacts, yet are saturated with a rustic, lived-in sensibility that wouldn't look out of place with a carton of milk left on the counter, dirty boots by the door, or (nearest and dearest to our hearts) the contents of an abandoned backpack spread out on the rug. The perfect backdrop for modern or traditional living (and everything in between) his is an aesthetic that can be inspirational to just about anyone. We likey.



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