Never Felt So Good!

Mar 04

We ACME gals looooove felt. Not the sheeny poly type from grade school; you know, the kind that was often accompanied by googley eyes and white glue? We're talking about the real stuff. 100% wool felt in colors from subtle to bold and thicknesses from indestructible rug to drapey scarf. We love the feel, the look - all of it.  When we touch it we're immediately transported to a foggy heath, watching the gentle beasts amble among the thistles... And by the way - one of the reasons we love felt so much? There's an infinitely sustainable supply! Yippee yay for beautiful stuff that's also harmless to the environment!

So imagine the sigh that escaped when we saw this. Dutch artist Paula Leen uses merino felt and cheese cloth {Wait. Felt AND something to do with cheese??? Never occurred to us that our two favorite things could be combined so beautifully!} to create these ethereal pendant lights.

A quote on Paula's site reads, " Any authentic creation is a gift to the world." Right on, sister.



  • And then some! I move to Colorado to get away from haze and humidity. This sucks! I’m thinikng of floating the Colorado on Sunday. You in? I’ll row. Pumphouse to Palisade.

    Posted by Shraddha on May 11, 2012

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