A-Huntin' We Will Go!

Mar 18


Sitting here in the shop looking out at a massive grey wall of chill and listening to the patter {thud?} of the drops on the pavement reminds us of how grateful we have to have such warm, dry tootsies. If you've never had a pair of Hunter Wellies and have wondered if they were worth the investment - yes. The answer is YES. Comfy, dry, fun. What more could you want? Giant socks? Got em. Tons of colors? Check. They've even got some sassy heels and coordinating bags

And for the healthy-of-calf? No worries! These babies are adjustable but are also available with wider openings!

No puddles in your 'hood? Check out their "I-Don't-Know-About-You-But-I-Live-Where-The-Sun-Shines" styles - just in time for Spring!

So, I dare you, big scary cloud - just TRY and make a puddle I can't skip through!

{Word to the wise: hop on over to the UK site for even snazzier stuff!}



  • If you know how to feed a your family on $150 a month, I’d love to know your serect! I spend almost that a week on my family of three! But I am into the healthier stuff too and my little boy likes a variety of snacks.Being a New Jerseyan I can relate. The closest three supermarkets to me are all Stop & Shops! Walmart is too much of a zoo. Target has some good prices…But being disabled it is too hard for me to go to more than one store, so I guess I am stuck with my choice of Stop & Shops!

    Posted by Lorenzo on May 10, 2012

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