Mar 31

It's hard to believe that just a week ago we were ankle deep in freezing rain! Here we are; cherry blossoms gently quivering in the soft breeze, sturdy daffodils stretching up to meet the beautiful blue sky... we're feeling pretty spoiled. 

So why not just spoil ourselves all the way and set up the hammock and take a nap out in the garden? Oh, but only if we could...  Until things slow down a bit we'll just close our eyes and fantasize about that amazingly comfortable hammock for two tucked away in the garage. 

If you're in the market for a hammock, trust us, THIS is the baby you want!



  • 1.] spent more time in it tonight. so good for my heart, in so many ways.2.] i cldoun’t be happier that you found my blog!!3.] yessss you should write a blogggggg4 5.] eh. tv. eh.6.] sleep is so good dude. why do we do so little of it?7.] you already know the answer to this.8.] thank you for reminding me. i need someone to say this to me every day.9.] psalm 37:310.] i’m bummed i missed it! [but mostly i’m bummed i missed hanging out with youuuu]11.] i ate a chrismas tree cake today. it wasn’t an emergency.12.] twitterrrrr. i’m following you!13.] omg thirteen.14.] cow cow cow!15.] i <3 you more!

    Posted by Akber on May 12, 2012

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