Stuff-We-Like Sunday!

Apr 04

We so identify with the "undecorate" movement, a term coined by Christiane Lemieux, founder of DwellStudio, in her new book Undecorate. In the New York Times article "Design Well Within Reach" by Michael Cannell, the movement describes "a new breed of self-curating, design-smart amateurs spurred to resourcefulness by the recession and assisted by the Internet in finding materials and furnishings at deep discounts. The result is an outpouring of homegrown inventiveness — sofas upholstered with burlap coffee sacks, stereo speakers made from Ikea salad bowls, party decorations conscripted as permanent ornamentation." 

We especially like that last part about party decorations! So wave away all those pretty pictures of the perfect but unobtainable party and create a celebration that reflects your own unique style with a focus on your guests having fun.


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