Stuff-We-Like Sunday! on Monday!

Apr 11

This last week was so crazy that come Sunday a certain someone was flattened and couldn't even remember her own name, much less that there were certain blogging responsibilities. So here we are with Stuff-We-Like Sunday/Monday!

What's on our mind this week? Our fabulous friends at Happy Girl Kitchen. We were first introduced to Happy Girl's amazing pickled beets years ago and couldn't get enough; on salads, straight out of the jar - you name it. We even resorted to hiding them in the back of the fridge so the husband couldn't steal any. Then Todd and Jordan catered a friend's birthday party for her father and we were hooked. Amazing food AND wonderfully nice AND incredibly talented??? But wait, it gets better...

Happy Girl has expanded their line over the years and have captured everything wonderful about community, local food, and organic farming in their beautiful little jars. And it's all just a pedal to the farmer's market or a click of the mouse away from your kitchen!

Their dry farmed tomato juice and cumin beans make an irresistible Bloody Mary kit that we can't keep in stock!

And if you're in Pacific Grove, check out their new cafe.



  • Katerina Douvlis – Ti na pw twra gia auti tin ekpliktiki foigaroftsi .. Perimenw protasi kai gia mena me ton Antoni. Nufiko + Koustoumi yparxoun. Vres to meros kai pame!!! Kuthira mipws???Bravo sou Thano gia alli mia fora!!! Na se xairetai to Katerinio..

    Posted by Prabesh on May 10, 2012

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