Happy Earth Day!

Apr 22

How great would it be if everyone tried to make every day Earth Day?

Here are some of the ACME families' favorite resources to help you do just that!

1. Zero Garbage Lunches!

    Sip, store, poke, haul.

2. BYOB {Bring Your Own Bag, of course}!

    Tote, schlepp {naturally!}

3. Be a local yokel!


4. REduce, REuse, REcycle.

    REally fun. REally worth visiting.

5. Big ticket items!

    Super star.

6. Be alternative.

    Super hot.

7. Beep Beep!

    We wish the Bay Area was in this group!

8. What size are your feet?

    According to my calculations...

What are your favorite was to make every day Earth Day?



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