Stuff-We-Like Sunday!

May 15

The peace and quiet of a Sunday afternoon begs us to indulge in a little relaxation. 

Here are some of the sites that we look to for a mental retreat...

Where we go to escape from the pile of dishes in the sink...

Where we go when those weeds judgementally stare at us through the window...

When the art history nerd in us just needs. To. Get. Away.

Where we go when we feel the urge to time travel.



  • Oh my gracious! Emmy you look SOOOO amniazg. Of course there was lots of dancing hello? you’re a Jakubisin ) I would expect nothing less! Megan I’m loving how you totally rocked the off camera lighting. Your pictures tell the story of the day perfectly. Well done sista.

    Posted by Atul on May 09, 2012

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