The Running of the Bulls

Jul 01


We don't need to go to Pamplona, we've gone to Chinnor.

Tonight a herd of bulls chased us down to within an inch of our lives. Okay, so they were bullocks and it was within 30 feet, but still, they were really big and a lot faster than you'd think.

And so with our newfound appreciation for not having been the victim of a stampede, let us share this bit of wisdom... In the moments before you are either gored, trampled, or propelled over a fence via a superhuman burst of adrenalin, there is nothing sweeter than the recollection of your last earthly meal eaten with lovely friends and happy children. Okay, that and the sound of a friend's laughter coming from somewhere behind you.

Do more of that.


  • Nilesh Odhavji ThakkarSo far as I remember, I had read one inettesring definition of life in one of Alvin Toffler’s book which is Life is the inherent property of certain kind of molecules or combination of molecules. Though we may not be comfortable in accepting ourselves as simply a bio-chemical entity and nothing more than that i.e. nothing eternal, divine, divya etc. that seems to be the truth.I also recall the Chemical Locha in Lage Raho Munnabhai. That perhaps seems the most likely reason for all the claims of Saxatkar , Atimanas or Sixth Sense and all those kind of claims.There is also one ad of BASF appearing now-a-days on CNBC-TV18 which starts by asserting that We believe that love is a chemical reaction. It seems facts are indeed stranger than fictions!!!

    Posted by Alberto on May 12, 2012
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