Like everyone, as we attended countless kids' birthday parties we saw the amount of trash at the end of every celebration and thought there had to be a better way. We decided to throw parties for our own children which utilized only reusable items made from sustainable materials. Soon our friends started asking us to help them with their kids' parties... and then their own grown-up parties. We knew we were on to something: Parties good - Trash bad!

ACME Party Box Company products are all intended to be repurposed as home decor, toys that can be passed down, or as compost to enrich your garden. All of our linens have been thoughtfully designed to go straight from the party to your kitchen linen drawer; to be pulled out for family dinners, Sunday coffee, the kids' picnic on the lawn... any day and every day! Our festive bunting isn't just for parties; hang it high on the wall in your child's room, or between two trees in the yard. It's all machine washable and sturdily constructed by a group of wonderful seamstresses earning fair wages in San Francisco. 

ACME's standards for goods is based upon their impact upon the environment*. We look for recycled and sustainable materials, fair wages, and companies who care about the environment and their employees. Our packaging is recyclable, our goods are forever, our tableware is biodegradable. You won't need a trash can after one of our parties.

Our motto is "Party. Rinse. Repeat." because that's what we're about!

*We're always on the search for better choices for our company; more organic fabrics that will meet our customers' aesthetic standards, more toys made from sustainable materials in fair practice factories, more of everything you need to make your celebrations with family and friends more responsible and environmentally sound. Drop us a line if you have something to share!